your first language lesson

For most of us malayalees who have never learned to read the script heres a quick lesson. Drive through any suburb of Kerala and observe the most repeated word you can find (in signage).

I’m betting that most of you would find kallu – the local toddy shop signage as the most often repeated signage in the whole of Kerala state; followed by a close contender the ‘BAR’ which usually is followed by an A/C,  NON A/C abbreviation that indicates that it is sensitive to your* pocket and not going to charge you* if you don’t want the cool air in your* face while you* gulp down the drinks.

* you refers to male readers (at selected locations of the text)

About typesutra

Typesutra is type love. love for type. a type of love. true love. true type. Typesutra is a typographer's personal diary from Cochin, Kerala, South India. Growing up with letterforms like malayalam, tamil and the local interpretations of the Latin script has deeply influenced my design aesthetic and found type continues to be my greatest inspiration.

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