Politics, popular culture & the Malayali female

How can you be a designer and not be political?
Visual communication is much like politics. The political landscape of Kerala could use some female voices, and so can graphic design. Design has the power to influence masses. Kerala has the highest literacy rate and is probably one of the only states in India where there are more women than men. Why dont we see that ratio in voices / opinions?

Malayalam Project

Kerala is a very interesting society to look at when it comes to the role of women. Historically, as a matrilineal society, the ownership of property was handed down from mother to daughter instead of father to son, distinguishing Kerala (and certain parts of the North-East) from the rest of India. Women were respected – or at least they were never seen as less important than men – and participated in large numbers in the workforce. However, this system of inheritance, known as ‘Marumakkathayam’, was seen as inequitable towards the beginning of the 20th century and was finally abolished by the Kerala State Legislature in 1975.

Even though, as we have written elsewhere on this site under ‘Woman in the narrative’, women continue to be present in working life at most levels, they are noticeably absent in the political machinery of the state; there were 6 women in…

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Typesutra is type love. love for type. a type of love. true love. true type. Typesutra is a typographer's personal diary from Cochin, Kerala, South India. Growing up with letterforms like malayalam, tamil and the local interpretations of the Latin script has deeply influenced my design aesthetic and found type continues to be my greatest inspiration.

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